What students say about Miguel’s teaching: 

“My experience as a student of Miguel Tejada has been incredible.  In my first class of just one hour I was able to read and play an entire piece of music with both hands.  I never thought of doing something like that in the past and less in a first class.  In my first trimester, incredibly my daughter and I had a repertoire of more than ten songs each.  I never thought I was capable of playing a musical instrument.  What I am learning is like a dream come true.  Miguel taught us to believe in ourselves and that we can achieve our goals.  Miguel opened the doors to music and it has been a blessing for me and my daughter.” 

Joel Lora and his daughter Janahia, Classical and popular music programs

“Well, my experience in the classes has been excellent and motivating, since it has opened my mind about how to see and approach the world of jazz improvisation. I have been able to see infinities of approaches to improvisation, I have developed my ear more because we have focused on listening to the sounds and not only playing them for playing them, but even more importantly it has changed my mentality.  Very grateful to my teacher for what I have learned and will continue to learn.” 

Abel de la Rosa, Piano Jazz Program 

“Miguel Andrés is a great teacher. He knows when to push and when to praise. He has a system that keeps you progressing at a fast pace. It is one thing to be a good musician, a very different thing to be able to teach. Miguel Andrés can do both very well! I highly recommend lessons with Miguel. I have been taking Latin piano and in less than 10 lessons, I already feel I can already play several montunos and have a feel for Latin music that I did not have before.” 

Angelina Tallaj, Phd., Popular piano program